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Career Job Fair @ HCMC University of Natural Science


As part of our 2014 University Tour at top 10 Universities in HCMC which rolled out recently, Harvey Nash Vietnam joined 2014 Job Fair organised by HCMC University of Natural Science last Sunday 20th April.  The event took place from 8:00am to 16:30pm with the participation of 20 Top IT Companies in HCMC attracted thousands of IT students.

To join this event, students are offered opportunities to access to our Fresher Program and various attractive career opportunities for fresh graduates at Harvey Nash Vietnam. Fresher Program aims to identify, build and develop young talents to become technical experts in Software Development. Students will have chance to both learn technical skill sets via training courses, 1:1 coaching, group assignment and involve in real project assignments in order to gain advance technical knowledge as well as practical working experience.

Additionally, Harvey Nash Vietnam is offering hundreds career opportunities for students interested in software testing. Being selected, they will immediately join one of our biggest projects with an international client.

JF3      Filling Application Forms


                                                                                                  Games @ booth with interesting gifts

The students also have chance for a face-to-face career consultation via “Người Trong Ngh” Talkshow with Mr. Lê Hoàng Dũng – .NET Engineering Manager. “Talk shows like “Nguoi trong nghe” are great chance for IT companies to share their views and their requirements to IT students as well as universities’ teachers. By that, students can defines their goals for their careers and can have self-development plans to meets IT companies’ job descriptions” – he said.

JF1                                                                                      “Người trong ngh” Talkshow

We do hope that students find this event valuable and helpful for their career orientation.


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Did you know?

The American nation watched the Presidential election on street-based screen-technology developed by HN in Vietnam.