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A meaningful and unforgettable Mid-Autumn festival at Nhi Xuan Elementary School

Trung thu 1

“Trung thu yêu thương” – one of Harvey Nash CSR activities welcoming Mid-Autumn Festival was organised last Saturday, 6th September.

This event aims at offering 300 underprivileged children in Nhi Xuan Elementary School – Hoc Mon District, a meaningful and unforgettable Mid-Autumn festival.

Nhi Xuan pupils enjoyed a very special Mid-Autumn Festival with musical performances from their friends, especially “Chị Hằng – Chú Cuội” dancing performance from Harvey Nash team.

The children gathered to participate in various outdoor activities with traditional games moderated by our Freshers and Harvey Nash colleagues. They had plenty of entertaining moments as well as happy memories and gifts of this year’s Mid-Autumn season.

With the aim to bring the beautiful and loving memories of childhood to Nhi Xuan Elementary pupils, the “Trung thu yêu thương” event ended with lots of laughter, joy and warmth brought from all Harvey Nash staff SD and BPO/ESS. The event also signified our care and share to the community as to grow the Tree of Love we all wish to nurture.

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Trung thu


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