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Another fantastic Children Day

Harvey Nash Vietnam has joyfully organized a big event to the celebrate the Children’s Day with the participation of over 200 parents and kids last Friday 30/5/2014 in Etown 1|M-Floor.

The event started with the amazing performances from the winners of 2013 Harvey Nash’s Got Talent – Nguyen Pham Hoai Anh (DM UK-Dat Nguyen’s daughter) and first runner-ups – Vo Phuong Dien & Vo Phuong Quyen (SPM SMI Project-Nhu Vo’s children). 

At the Event, Harvey Nash kids had a chance to reconnect to their roots via different traditional and cultural games such as O Quan (similar to Mancala), Nhay Lo Co (hopscotch), To he (figurine toys), Nhay sap (Bamboo Dancing) while they also participated in creative activities like To Tuong  (Plaster Painting), To Mau (Colouring), Cat Hinh 3D (Cubee), Nan Dat Set (Plastic Clay),etc.


Princes (Thien Do |Recruitment Team – Anh Nguyen | BA Team) and Princesses (Hien Tran | HR_ Admin – Minh Tran | HR_Training) did a very good job in leading the gameshows (Not Nhac Vui and Dance with Donald). Excitement and enjoyment overwhelmed the atmosphere among 6 families joined gameshow “Ca Nha Thuong Nhau” (Family Challenge-How much You Know about Your Kid) and audiences.

A huge thank to all the event organisers and volunteers who made this Children’s Day one of the best and memorial events ever.

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A record on various activities:

Xé Giy Dán Tranh

1st prize: Family of Truong Quoc Trung (Technical Team)

2nd prize: Family of Tran Thi Le Thuy (Weatherbys Project)

3rd prize: Family of Dang Anh Toan (Charles Taylor Project)         

Consolation prize: Family of Tran Tho Cuong (Civica Project)

Consolation prize: Family of Dinh Thi Diem Chau (HR/Training Team)

 C Nhà Thương Nhau

1st prize: Family of Dang Anh Toan (Charles Taylor Project)

2nd prize: Family of Vo Nhu Nhu (SMI Project)

3rd prize: Family of Tran Hoai An (Weatherbys)



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