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Harvey Nash Children’s Day

The International Children’s Day is commemorated annually on June1st. In order to enliven that day, Harvey Nash Vietnam celebrated 2013 Harvey Nash Children’s Day with the participant of approximately 200 employees and their children on Friday 31st May in E town 1 – M Floor.

The kids entered into a colorful world with various activities in the Creative Garden enjoying bubble clown, plaster painting, kid’s puzzles, sand painting and face painting while we also encouraged them to reconnect to the Vietnamese traditional culture where all the games are educational and skill-based including: “Ô Quan” (similar to mancala), “Nhảybaobố” (sack race), “NémVòng” (Hoops challenge).

The Event got more exciting with the search of Young Talents through various contests including Little Artist, “Cả nhà thương nhau” (Family Challenge-How Well You Know about Your Kid), and Harvey Nash VN Family’s Got Talent.

The contest of “Cả nhà thương nhau” (Family Challenge-How much You Know about Your Kid) started from 7:00pm and followed by “Harvey Nash VN Family’s Got Talent) accompanied by 2 very handsome clowns (Phong Vu-UK ODC & Ngoc Le-NashTech) and 2 beautiful Fairies (Hien Nguyen & Hien Tran – HR) as professional in-house MCs. The contest was becoming more competitive than ever and arbitrated by our3strict judges from Harvey Nash Family.


Little Artist:

1st Prize: Nguyen Pham Hoai Anh – 7 yrs (UK-DM Dat Nguyen’s daughter)

2nd Prize:Le Buu Tri – 8yrs (HR – Chau Dinh’s son)

3rd Prize:Nguyen Phung Quynh Anh – 7yrs (Finance – Ha Trinh’s daughter)

Consolation Prize: Le Minh Anh – 9 yrs (Finance – Thu Pham’s son)

Consolation Prize: Xuan Uyen – 2 yrs (DashBoard Internal – Vinh Nguyen)

Consolation Prize: Nguyen Phung Ha My – 9 yrs (Finance – Ha Trinh’s daughter)


“Cnhà thương nhau”

(Family Challenge) Contest:

1st Prize:Weathersby’s SA – Trung Truong’s daughter & wife

2nd Prize:A&B PSE – Toan Dang & daughter

3rd Prize:Finance – Thu Pham & daughter


Harvey Nash Vietnam Family’s Got Talent:

1st Prize: UK DM Dat Nguyen’s family

2nd Prize: BA Manager – Nhu Vo’s family

3rd Prize: QC Engineer – Hang Nguyen’s family








On this occasion, Management Team would like to express our special thanks to the Organizing team and enthusiastic volunteers in Harvey Nash Family.

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