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Mid-Autumn Festival: Sharing love to the underprivileged children


As part of our Employee Engagement activities in 2013, Harvey Nash Vietnam organized a Mid-Autumn Festival to share love to the underprivileged children at Binh Thanh Elementary School in Can Gio on last Saturday 14th September 2013. The Event took place in an excited and full of joy atmosphere as well as to make a Saturday afternoon more meaningful to lots of members in Harvey Nash family, joining the Event as supporters.

The Event included a series of exciting activities, competitions, and music performances for the kids. After each game led by our talented volunteers, the winners had received lots of traditional Mid-Autumn Festival prizes such as lanterns, moon cakes, etc. They also had a chance to meet up with cheerful “Chú Cuội” and  charming “Chị Hằng”. 152 gift packages were delivered at the end of the Event bringing happy smiles to lots of kids and families in Can Gio last weekend.

A special thanks to our enthusiastic volunteers and all helpful supporters to make this a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival as ever.

Looking forward to your continued support and participation in our next Community activity!


* Some facts about Bình Thạnh Elementary School:

-    There are 152 pupils studying in Binh Thanh Elementary school (1st grade – 5th grade).

 –    70%  of them come from low-income families.

 –    The pupils have just had their very first Opening day at this new school, recently funded by the Government, on August 2013 after spending years studied in a very old leaky block.

-    While studying in a well-equipped new school with much better facilities, i.e. music room, IT room, Lab, etc. , the pupils have never had a chance to use them because there are still many constraints in human resources and a very poor infrastructure conditions, e.g. roads in the area, which hinder a full utilization.

 –    There are only 7 staffs including 2 from management team and 5 teachers.

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Did you know?

The American nation watched the Presidential election on street-based screen-technology developed by HN in Vietnam.