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Multi-Tenant Architecture

The Hoang 1

The Hoang | Technical Architect, Harvey Nash Vietnam

Topic: Multi-Tenant Architecture 

Over the time we have seen some dramatic changes in software delivery model; from standalone applications to client server architecture, from distributed to service oriented architecture (SOA). The new type of software delivery model known as Software as a Service (SaaS), which provides customers access to business functionality remotely (usually over the internet) as a service. SaaS not only has altered the software delivery model, but it also had amended the way in which software is developed. SaaS introduces the concept of Multi-Tenant, in which same software is used by multiple users. Multi-tenant system commonly known as a system of large scale system, thus building a multi-tenant applications is a challenge.       

Did you know?

The American nation watched the Presidential election on street-based screen-technology developed by HN in Vietnam.