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Large-Scale System: Architecture Design & Cloud


What is the difference between Architecture and Design?

Why software architecture matters?

How does considering deployment to the cloud change these concepts?

How to and the best practices in building the Continuous Delivery environments matching with the project needs?



We have invited the BEST speakers in the industry.

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  1. Architecture Design History and Modern Trends
  2. Microsoft Azure - The Cloud for Modern Business
  3. Development and Test Environments in the Cloud
  4. Continuous Delivery in Practice
  5. Software Architecture in Practice
  6. Multi-Tenant Architecture 






Lance Hendrix | Solution Architect | Ex- Microsoft USA

In this role Lance works with Harvey Nash teams developing applications for early startups and large-scale enterprise systems for global clients.  Lance has worked as an IT Strategy Consultant for Microsoft Consulting Services and Solutions Architect for Microsoft’s Unix to Windows migration strategy. 

Lance has also worked and as Chief Architect for Tata Consulting at Microsoft. Lance has developed software for water-cooled super computers through embedded operating systems from MVS to OS/2 and also on Unix/Linux and Windows.  Lance also enjoys building enterprise level infrastructure using open source systems and tools such as OpenLDAP and Cisco firewalls. 


Frank Nguyen | Chief Evangelist, Microsoft Vietnam

Returned to VN in 2002 to run the first Offshore Development Center for Critical Path in cooperation with TMA Solutions. After ODC for Critical Path finished in Nov 2004, Frank went on to form Netblue Vietnam, a 100% foreign-owned subsidiary of Connexus Corporation, the 5th largest online advertiser in the US, and ran it from Nov 2004 to Nov 2011.

In May 2012, Frank joined Microsoft Vietnam’s Developer Experience (DX) and Evangelism team as the chief evangelist to help increase awareness and revenue for Microsoft products and services. Viet Nam has one of the largest MS developers based in Asia with a lot of passionate and smart developers. With guidance and support from DX team, Viet Nam developers contribute 60% of the Windows Phone and Windows 8 applications in APAC. DX team hopes to leverage Viet Nam developer base to contribute to the growth of Azure applications in APAC. 

Toan huynh

Toan Huynh | Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Vietnam

Toan Huynh is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Vietnam, responsible for promoting Microsoft platforms with technical audiences, support developers to bring apps to Microsoft platform – Windows Phone/Windows Client and Azure. Our passion is to bring technology to everybody and evangelize technical audiences on our platform.

Toan has more than 13 years of experiences in different technical areas like Java, .NET, Cloud and possesses the deep expertise in architecture design to develop or migrate on-premises applications to Azure, on-premises application to SaaS, develop SaaS application. 

thao le

Thao Le | Solution Architect, Harvey Nash Vietnam

Thao Le is responsible for providing technical solutions, consultancy to clients across USA, UK and APAC markets.

With almost 10 years of experience in IT industry, Thao has involved in several projects for big customers around the world. He has gained a rich experience in various business domains in Finance, Media and Social Marketing, using diversified open source solutions. He plays an important role in providing strategic solutions to various project teams as well as to contribute significantly in building the environment for continuous delivery across the projects nationwide. 

phi huynh

Phi Huynh | Solution Architect, Harvey Nash Vietnam

Phi Huynh has gained both the depth and breadth of more than 10 year experience in providing ERP solutions for big corporations. He has the expertise in the business domains including Insurance industry and Customer Relationship Management, implementing ERP for various projects in America, Europe, Australia and Japan markets.

He is also a specialist in Microsoft technologies and has a deep expertise in automation solutions. He does have a big interest in Cloud and passionately dedicates his personal time to build MS Azure community in Vietnam. 

dung le

Dung Le | Solution Architect, Harvey Nash Vietnam | Microsoft MVP

Dung is responsible for providing technical solutions and consultancy to clients around the world and the project teams across Harvey Nash. Also, he is one of the Engineering Managers, contributes to the development of technical skills for the big work force in the company.

Dung Le is a former University lecturer, a web developer, and a software architect. He loves to learn, practice and share his knowledge to others. Besides working as Solution Architect and Engineering Manager in Harvey Nash Vietnam, Dung spends his free time having fun with C#, Java, Scala, Python or any language/technology that interests him.

Dung Le has three Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Awards (2011, 2012, 2013) for his contributions to Vietnamese .NET developer community. 

The Hoang 1

The Hoang | Technical Architect, Harvey Nash Vietnam

The Hoang has worked for several projects related to different domains like banking, ERP and education. And with the extensive experiences and love learning and practicing the new technologies, The gained rich expertise in MS Technologies, multi-tenant architecture and the relevant domain knowledge.

With the strong passion for technical knowledge sharing with the others, The Hoang has delivered several technical courses in his company and also used to be a lecturer in the Universities. Joining this technical seminar is part of his technical sharing channels.


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