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Vietnam was the top contender

How to become a Magnet for Top Talent Last month in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, we ran a series of seminars led by our Director of Talent, Margot Katz on a challenge facing employers in the growing market of Vietnam, Employer Branding.   

Margot prompted the audience to think about who inspired them and why, what does it mean to be led by you, what are people really saying about you as a leader? This is important for our business in Harvey Nash, why, the answer is simple, happy people stay longer and perform better and in an organisation were our biggest asset is our talent – this is a key metric for us to understand and work continuously to improve. Given that this a multi-facilitated, intangible animal, there is no kill or cure to put this right, it is deeper than one presentation/brochure/event it is a way of life, it is in our DNA, we need to look at ourselves, critically. Margot talked about a 4 step process to better understand your Employer Brand, as if we are considering it alongside our favourite coffee in the supermarket:

  • Values & aspiration (ingredients)
  • Excellence  (value for money)
  • Brand messages (packaging)
  • Don’t just sit there (reputation)

For the audience the key point that came out of this was that the top reason why people leave the company was not the office, not the products of the company, not the long commute but them, their manager, this prompted us to look at a number of key questions which are a good refresher for all managers:

  • What are our values and are we living them?
  • What are we world class at?
  • What is the strength of our leadership brand?
  • Are our messages aligned?
  • What are people saying about us?

The panel session after Margot’s presentation had some great debate with all sharing their experiences from their businesses, a discussion that lasted late into the evening demonstrating as if it was needed that brand and its perception to others is what will attract and keep the right talent for the future, food for thought.

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Did you know?

Every year Harvey Nash in Vietnam claims back over AU$9 million in over payments for clients from 40 million merchandise transactions.